Would you like to make 50 to 250 Thousand Dollars a year or more, working in exotic locations all around the world?

At Civilian Contractor Jobs.com, we have the best resources for people looking for International Civilian Contractor Jobs, War Zone Jobs, High Risk Civilian Contractor Jobs, Civilian Security Contractor Jobs and Overseas Jobs in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Israel, Qatar, Caribbean, Japan, Italy, Korea, Colombia, Liberia, China, France, Turkey, Philippines, South Pacific, Germany and Dozens of Other Countries Around the World 

Here you will find the biggest list of International Contractors, the best advice and insider information written by people with first hand experience from all over the world; bus drivers and security to Information Technology and management to blue collar and white collar, college degree to GED!


Has it always been a dream of yours to work overseas? Someone who gets to pack up and jet-set across the ocean to exciting and well paid jobs around the world, without having to slave away in the same old cubicle day after day and never have to worry that you won’t have a job next week or year...

Thousands of men and women have said goodbye to the 9-5 dead-end hometown job lock-down and are happily hopping from one country to the next. With nothing to worry about but where to spend their 3 months vacation or what to do with all the money they have made

99.9% of the population doesn’t have this luxury – because they don’t know about it. They have never even heard of High Paying International Civilian Contractor Jobs.

Your career doesn’t have to be connected to just one country; you can work wherever you want! If it’s the Big Bucks that you’re looking for, then places like Iraq and Afghanistan are paying 6 figs. If you still want to make good money but stay out of harms way, then places like Qatar, Germany and Japan are great choices.

Our community is geared towards those people who want to break away from traditional means of “working the 9 to 5” and branch off into exciting international career pursuits that know no boundaries. But this isn’t some get-an-international-job-overnight dreamer scenario. 

Here, you’ll find information on everything from Where to start, Contractor Manuals, Civilian Contractor Forums, Resources, up to the second Job Listings, and Advice and Inside Information written by people with first hand experience working on overseas contractor jobs in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Israel, Qatar, Caribbean, Japan, Italy, Korea, Colombia, Liberia, China, France, Turkey, Philippines, South Pacific, Germany and all over the world!

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"This site, with all the cool people I met, helped me get to where I am today."

I left the US with about 800 bucks in savings, and I'm 6 months into a contract in Iraq - on track for a total of over 100k for the year. (And I'm surprised at how fast time goes by!)

So, it was a very small contribution (the membership fee) to the over all big picture - considering I'm no longer strapped hard for funds, and I will make back what I paid countless times over on my next pay day
(and) I wasn’t really sure how to go about finding a job overseas, but I had ALLOT of direction in where to go specifically in dealing with this site


"I was just hired for a Civilian Contractor Job in Germany
And I can bring my family along with me"

Jennifer H.


"Making 84 Thousand a year in Qatar!
Thanks for the advice"

Tim G.


"I have had an offer after being part of the site for less than a month"



"I want to thank you for a great website for someone who is brand new to the civilian contractor field."

Mark S. 

So... How do you find a Civilian Contractor Job?

That used to be the tough part, especially if you didn’t have a list of Contractors to send your resume to or if you weren’t already in "The Loop".
But not anymore, here at Civilian Contractor Jobs.com® our team of veteran Civilian Contractors have put together the biggest package of job hunting and Civilian Contractor resources that you will find anywhere, including one click International Civilian Contractor Job searches and first hand advice from veteran Civilian Contractors.

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No need to fumble around trying to figure out where or how to start your International Civilian Contractor Job hunt. We have put together a Quick Start Guide that will show you the best way to use our site so you wont waist your time.


dark-red-arrow-06_R LIST

We have a Huge list of active International Private Military Contractors with our exclusive one click recruiting webpage links.

Over 100 Companies/PMC’s advertising for International Jobs along with our Middle East Job and Security Clearance search pages that have up to the second job listings - this means thousands of Civilian Contractor Jobs.

Our PMC List has Security Contractors and Private Military Companies that are hiring everything from Truck Drivers to Security Operators to Network Administrators to Firefighters and Construction Workers. Blue collar, white collar or no collar it doesn’t matter, these contractors are hiring NOW!


Our Civilian Contractor Forum is moderated by active, veteran Civilian Contractors that are standing by to answer any questions you have. Ask for job search advice, find out rumors about new contracts, and network with other Contractors around the world.

Do you have a question about working as a Civilian Contractor? Do you need advice about how to get a job and where to start? Or do you need some “Insider Information” from experienced Civilian Contractors and industry insiders? The Civilian Contractor Forum is the best place on the Internet to ask your questions, network, hear the latest news and just chat with your future and fellow Civilian Contractors.

"Questions That Are Being Asked by Job Seekers in the Civilian Contractor Jobs Discussion Forum RIGHT NOW..."

Right Now, people just like You are getting one-on-one International Civilian Contractor Job Coaching from the CivilianContractorJobs.com Team of Veteran Intranational Civilian Contractors in the Forum right now.

Job Seeking Civilian Contractors looking to Land their first International Civilian Contractor Job are asking...

“How Long Will It Take To Find An International Civilian Contractor Job?”

“How dangerous is it to work in the Middle East or Africa?”

“What should I Pack when Deploying Overseas?”

“Do I have to pay Taxes on my salary?”

“What is the average salary of a Civilian Contractor?”

“What sort of Background do I need to have for a Driver Job in Iraq?”

“There are a bunch of Contractors that are “High Tech” and I am not a computer genius or an engineer, should I bother sending them a resume?”

“How much is the Salary Uplift in places like Iraq and Afghanistan?”

“What should I put on my resume to make it stand out to Civilian Contractor Recruiters?“

“I don’t have a passport, how do I get one, how do I get one fast and when should I get a passport?”

“How early one should begin applying before they get out of the Military?”

“What are the highest regarded security contracting schools available?”

“Will I have to take a drug screening test?”

“How do I go about getting security clearance?”

   ... And this is only 8 Posts out of HUNDREDS on our forum!


EXCLUSIVE RESOURCES dark-red-arrow-06_L
Information on passports, taxes, different countries, work conditions, contracts, latest news and a Q&A page with answers to many of the most commonly asked questions about working for Contractors.


One Persons Search For an International Civilian Contractor Job*

For many years I had wanted to work overseas. The idea of living in an exciting and exotic country with a big tax free salary and jet-setting around the world during my vacations sounded like the life I had always dreamed of.

After I finally decided to do something about my dream of working overseas, I started my job search, but all that I could find were either low paying English Teaching positions (no way!) or high level executive jobs. I was pretty sure that I was not going to get hired as a president of an international company, and I sure as heck didn’t want to make barely enough to live on by teaching English in some lousy school in Timbuktu.

So for years I read everything that I could find about working overseas, I found a lot of good information about what it was like to work overseas, but I couldn't find anything on exactly which companies to contact or who I could even ask advice from on how to find a job overseas. In the tiny town I came from, no one I knew had even left the county, no less worked overseas.

Finally, one day a buddy of mine forwarded an email to me about a Contractor that was hiring people for a Civilian Contractor Job overseas, and they were supposedly really desperate to fill the positions.

After I received the email, I sent off my resume.....

And 7 days later I was offered a job!

And 2 weeks after that I was living overseas!

80 Thousand Dollars a year tax free, a condo with marble floors and all utilities paid for, a brand new Nissan to drive, 30 days paid vacation, 27 dollars a day for food, free airfare back home and it was in a cool country with 4 star hotels, western restaurants, warm oceans and beautiful people from all around the world.

I could not believe it was this easy, all I had to do to get this great overseas job was send a resume at the right time to the right company and know what to expect.

A couple of years later while still working on the same job, I heard about another job from a guy that I worked with so I applied for that one. Three weeks later I was hired again. But this time I was makingover 150 Thousand Dollars a year, with 60 days vacation a year - not bad for a “blue collar” guy from a small town.

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1 Click Job Listings for Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait

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-Security Clearance Information and "How To" Advice
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How is the life of a Civilian Contractor?

This is the best time you will have ever have in your life. You will get to make tons of tax free money, work in exciting countries around the world, meet beautiful people and never worry about work because you will always know there are hundreds of contracts and thousands of jobs out there.

In the past 8 years that I have been working as an International Civilian Contractor, I have been to 40 different countries, I never worry about money, and I vacation anywhere I want all around the world. I stay in 5 star hotels or I backpack around and stay in 5 dollar hostels. I surf in Bali, party in Dubai and Singapore and visit the World's wonders. It's the lifestyle of a king! 

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So if you want to live overseas, make a fat tax free salary, live a globe-trotting lifestyle traveling around the world on 30, 60 or 90 days of vacation time and if you want to meet exotic people and spend the summers in Paris and winters in Thailand on your considerable leave time, then a Civilian Contractor Job is just what your looking for!

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Job Corner


1 Click Job Listings for Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait

Three of the most popular Civilian Contractor locations

Thousands of Jobs Listed



Job Corner

Thousands of SECRET and TS+ Job Listings


-Security Clearance Information and "How To" Advice
-Security Clearance Job Forum
-Security Clearance Jobs by Country


US State Department Foreign Affairs Agency
Temporary 13 month Assignment Job Listings

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An Example of just some of the International Jobs we have Listed on our Site:

English Teacher - Iraq
Former Police Officers –Iraq
Personal Protective Service-Worldwide
Force Protection Manager-Afghanistan
Civil Engineer IV-Iraq
Print Technician-Iraq
Latent Print Examiners-Iraq
Ammunition and Explosive Ordnance Manager-Qatar
Communications Supply-Iraq
Logistics Manager-Djibouti
Warehouse Coordinator-Kuwait
Logistics Manager-Ecuador
System Administrator-Iraq
Help Desk Administrator-Kuwait
Administrative Services Manager-Curacao (Caribbean)
Assistant Transportation Manager-Kuwait
Vehicle Mechanic-Iraq
Construction Superintendent-Iraq
Vehicle Mechanic-Iraq
Traffic Control (ATC) Support-Iraq
Aviation General Mechanic/Electrician-Japan
Force Protection-Kosovo
Communications-Saudi Arabia
Dog Handler-Qatar
Hydraulic Systems Mechanic-Qatar
Dental Hygienist/Technician-Qatar
Cost/Price Analyst-Qatar
Project Management-S. Korea
IT Desktop Analyst-Singapore
Program Manager-Berlin, Germany
Camera Operator-Afghanistan


Experienced Staff
Our Veteran Civilian Contractor Staff that includes current and former Civilian Contractors who have worked in over 20 different countries in dozens of different fields from Security to Construction to IT.

And unlike other International Job sites, our staff members are not “Absentee Landlords” we personally answer every one of your questions

CivilianContractorJobs.com Manager,

Matt Parks

Matt has been a Civilian Contractor both Domestically and Internationally starting in the 1990’s. He has worked in the Middle East and Europe as a Security Contractor.